Big Breaking : Drone Attack on Putin’s Kremlin Residence just before victory day…

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World News. May 3, 2023. There is drone attack on president Putin’s Residence-Kremlin before Victory day (May 8) this night just before. Russia said it defeated an attack by a pair of drones on President Vladimir Putin’s residence in the Kremlin in Moscow Tuesday night, blaming the attempt on Ukraine. CLEAR assassination attempt on Putin. Ukraine denied about this. ‘No change in Victory day parade program’, says Kremlin. 

The drones were disabled and crashed in the Kremlin without causing injuries or damage, the Kremlin said in a statement. Putin was unharmed, it said. Rather, no need to say, It is a big security lapse in Russia’s air defense system. China’s name is also coming in this matter. there are speculation about world war after this new scenario, after 14 months of Russia-Ukraine war. 

Two peoples reported climbing the roof just before the drone hits, one notices and backs away before impact. perhaps they are climbing after first drone attack, and the second drone hits.

Russia says two Ukrainian drones attacked Kremlin overnight at 2.30 and 2.33 local time, Russia crashed both the drones in the defense ministries’ site. Drones downed with no victims or material damage to the Kremlin, Moscow says it was a terrorist attack and attempt on Putin’s life, Russia says it reserves right to respond when and how it sees fit.

After this incident, high alert has been declared all over Russia and flying of all types of drones has been banned. It is being said from Russia that this drone attack is a reactionary step taken by Ukraine itself after the death of a large number of their soldiers last night. After this, Russia has also opened all the options for response on Ukraine. It has also been said that this drone has not come from Ukraine, but the people of Ukraine have flown it from somewhere in Russia.

Ukraine Targets Putin with Drone Strike on the Kremlin Russia has accused Ukraine of attempting a drone attack on the Kremlin with the aim of killing President Putin. Russian officials said Putin was not injured, and that Moscow shot down two drones. The Kremlin said it reserves the right to retaliate, according to Russia’s TASS media outlet. This is a breaking news story.

Russian state news has reported that Putin was not present at the Kremlin during the attempted drone strike. Furthermore, the two unmanned aerial vehicles were intercepted by air defense, and no casualties or material damage have been reported.

Kremlin spokesman said, “President Putin’s working schedule has not been affected and will continue as usual.” I don’t know whether this is a legitimate attack on Putin or a false flag operation to warrant a Russian escalation in Ukraine. If this is a legitimate Ukrainian attack on Putin, this is EXTREMELY concerning and could lead to a very serious escalation by Russia.

Putin’s life should NOT be in danger, otherwise we may risk a nuclear escalation. If this is a false flag operation to frame Ukraine, it is still concerning as it means Russia is preparing to escalate. I hope this does not lead to the use of tactical nuclear weapons. 

If Russia is correct and this is an attempt on Putin’s life, we could see things get MUCH uglier Russia is calling the attack a “terrorist act” Other media outlets will soon post the story as well. Keen to see how they cover it.

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