Strange : American business tycoon taking son’s blood to stay young

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World News, May 23, 2023. Everyone wants to look young but everyone has to get old one day. The inevitable death of old age is also a bitter reality of life. But many people want to prove this truth wrong. America’s entrepreneur Brian Johnson is trying to do something similar. For this, Brian is working hard on his body.

Brian Johnson is 45 years old and at this age he wants to be 18 years old. He keeps a team of 30 doctors to keep himself young, not only this, it would be surprising to know that Brian Johnson is spending US$ 2 million i.e. more than Rs 16 crore per year to stay young.

Brian Johnson using son’s blood

Apart from this, according to a Media report, 45-year-old software developer Brian Johnson has used the blood of his own 17-year-old son Talmage to act on his youth. According to the information revealed, Johnson arrived at a clinic near Dallas last month with his 70-year-old father Richard and son Talmage. Here this family of three generations participated in an hour long blood exchange treatment. While Johnson usually always receives plasma from an anonymous donor, this time his son Talmage donated a liter of his own blood. From this, separate batches of plasma and platelets were prepared. As usual, Brian injected that blood into his body. But this time in a slightly different way.

According to Media report, Talmage’s plasma was infused into Johnson’s veins as well as into his father Richard’s. In this way, Brian made his 17-year-old son Talmage his plasma donor. Now the process has become part of Johnson’s project blueprint. He believes that in this way he too will remain young with the plasma of his young son’s blood.

He reportedly masqueraded as a ‘blood boy’ to an unknown donor to ensure that he was receiving blood from a person with an ideal body mass index who led a healthy lifestyle and was free of disease. However, the use of this type of plasma technology for anti-aging is attracting the attention of many wellness intellectuals and scientists. Blood plasma is traditionally given to patients who have experienced trauma, shock, severe liver disease and clotting deficiencies, according to the Red Cross. This blood swap of Brian Johnson reportedly took place on 3 April. Here Talmage donated his young blood to his father and grandfather.

Who is Brian Johnson?

Brian Johnson, a resident of California, is a millionaire businessman. Brian, the owner of the biotech company Cornelco, is running a project called ‘Blueprint’ under his company, which he himself is a part of. Under this blue print project, Brian Johnson is working on making his body even more youthful. There are 100 different protocols in his day. Brian Johnson, founder and CEO of Blueprint, consumes 1,977 calories a day and more than 70 pounds of vegetables a month.

Let us tell you, Brian Johnson wakes up every morning at 4.30 am and then does 35 different types of exercises. Johnson also regularly undergoes kidney, prostate, thyroid and nervous system tests. He also measures the health of his organs, in the process his weight, body mass index and fat are checked. In addition, Brian also checks body temperature, blood glucose, heart rate and oxygen levels while sleeping.

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