Range Rover car drove into a crowd of migrants, 8 killed and 6 others injured

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World News, May 8, 2023. A major accident occurred near a shelter made for migrants in the US state of Texas. Eight people were killed and six others were injured whose condition is said to be critical after a car driver “intentionally” drove a Range Rover car into a crowd of migrants outside a Catholic Charities shelter in Brownsville, Texas today. The incident occurred at around 08:30 local time on Sunday evening in the city of Brownsville, near the Mexican border. 

Police told local media that the incident appeared to be intentional. The driver has been arrested and challaned. According to police, most of the victims were Venezuelan men.

Superintendent of Police Maldonadi said that we saw in the CCTV video that an SUV Range Rover was coming fast from the front. TX Police have identified the driver of the vehicle as George Alvarez who ran a red light, and struck migrants before trying to flee. He was held down by witnesses. Officials haven’t ruled out that it was intentional.

ImageThe driver was also taken to the hospital for treatment and was undergoing drug and alcohol tests, he added.

Lt. Sandoval said migrants were among the dead. According to US border protection officials, the city of Brownsville has recently seen a sharp increase in illegal migrant arrivals. Maldonado told local media quoted that over the past two months the Ozanam center, a night shelter that can hold 250 people, has been handling 380 people a day.

Luis Herrera, who was among those hit by the SUV, said in an interview that many of the victims already had tickets out of Brownsville, some to reunite with their families. Herrera, 33, who suffered a broken arm and was released from the hospital Sunday afternoon, said the driver was taunting people standing at the bus stop, driving past them and yelling insults.

“He crossed the street and he hit the gas and he drove by my legs, and hurt my arm,” he said in Spanish, “The others, he killed almost all of them.”.

He recalled the driver yelling: “You’re invading my property!”

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