Strange case, the woman did not have children even with IVF technique 9 times, and than she became an example out of 50 million cases.

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World News, May17,  2023. You must have read or heard many times the news of a woman giving birth to twins or three-four children together. But today we are going to tell you a unique case. This is the case of Britain.

In this case, a woman named Madeline Kaklikos has given birth to two children, i.e. twins, but the special thing is that both these children were born not only after a lot of problems, but also from two different uterus present in the woman’s stomach.  It has been told that out of 50 million women, this happens in any one woman.

It is also interesting that the woman was not having children for a long time. On this the couple resorted to IVF technique. But even after resorting to IVF technique 9 times, they could not conceive children.

But when the woman became pregnant through IVF on 10th time, the couple continued to have sex despite the doctor’s prohibition, and in the meantime another pregnancy was conceived normally in women’s womb, in another uterus.

Madeline Kaklikos was shocked when doctors told her she had two wombs and babies were growing in both. However, she was also warned that anything could happen. But today both the children have been born and are also healthy.

According to experts, this is an extremely rare case. This happens in one out of 50 million women.

Actually, 24-year-old Madeline was unable to have children.  She tried for a year but did not get success. Finally took the help of IVF technique. Still, after 10 attempts, Yet after 10 tries, Madeline finally did.

But after getting pregnant, she came to know that another child is growing in her womb. This is not normal. Because the second child was in the other uterus. It was also shocking that after one pregnancy with IVF technique, her second pregnancy was done normally.

When the doctors told this to Madeline, she was shocked. The heart started beating as if it would burst out. Doctors said, this is a rare condition and is like a miracle. The doctor called it uterus ‘

Uterus didelphys


Now Madeline has given birth to two boys named Nate and Cole. “When I first got pregnant with twin babies, my husband told me that her pregnancy was one of 50 million unique pregnancies,” she said. Because Nate was in one uterus and Cole was in the other. Conception was carried out in different ways and at different times. We couldn’t believe our luck. We started screaming and tears started rolling down our faces as soon as we hugged. We had our first early pregnancy scan soon after, and it was perfect. I lay on the bed, John held my hand, we felt our baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

Madeline told that the doctors had told them that when IVF is going on, husband and husband should not make physical relations with each other, but both did not listen to this. Because the IVF attempt had failed for 9 consecutive times. That’s why he was not sure this time also. But miraculously she got pregnant in a normal way. The doctors doing IVF were so scared that it would be difficult to save a child as it is a very complicated condition. The doctor had also advised her to destroy a pregnancy. But both did not agree and said – whatever will happen now will be seen. Madeline told that everything has been fine and she never faced any problem.

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