One Coin can Save America from Default

As the United States faces a looming debt crisis, Republicans and Democrats are struggling to reach an agreement to avert default. To prevent the country from defaulting and to safeguard the global economy, experts have proposed issuing One Coin can Save America from Default, a one trillion dollar platinum coin. While the Treasury Secretary has dismissed the idea, some officials in the Biden administration remain open to considering it. This article examines the implications and viability of issuing such a coin amidst ongoing negotiations between the two parties and the increasing pressure to raise the debt ceiling.

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Tesla Model Y Overtakes Toyota Camry as Best-Selling Car in the World

The Tesla Model Y has made history by surpassing the Toyota Camry as the world’s best-selling car. According to Jato Dynamics, the Model Y outsold Toyota’s RAV4 and Corolla models in the first quarter of 2023, with an impressive year-over-year gain. Despite its higher starting price, the Model Y’s success can be attributed to Tesla’s dominance in the electric vehicle market and its strategic price reductions. While Tesla reigns as the leader in EV sales, it’s important to note that the company isn’t the largest automaker overall. Nonetheless, this achievement marks a significant milestone for Tesla and highlights the growing popularity of electric vehicles worldwide.

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History of May 24-May 24 in History Books

Discover the important historical events that took place on May 24 throughout history. Explore significant events, famous births, and notable inventions on this date. The date of May 24 holds great historical significance, both in the country and the world. From royal coronations to scientific breakthroughs, explore the notable events that occurred on this day throughout history.

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The Impact of Recession: Disney Announces Third Round of Layoffs Amidst Writers’ Strike

Explore the ongoing global recession and its far-reaching consequences, with Disney once again making headlines for its latest round of layoffs. Discover the details behind Disney’s decision to hand over pink slips to over 2,500 employees, along with the removal of titles from its streaming platform. Learn about the challenges faced by media companies amidst the writers’ strike and their demands for higher pay and changes to work rules. Uncover the previous job cuts at Disney and its CEO’s plans for restructuring and cost-saving measures. Delve into the implications of the streaming business’s quarterly loss and the leadership shakeup at Disney.

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Strange : American business tycoon taking son’s blood to stay young

Discover how Brian Johnson, a millionaire businessman from California and the owner of a biotech company called Cornelco, is defying the inevitability of old age. Learn about his unique approach to staying young, including his use of blood exchange treatment and his rigorous lifestyle protocols. Dive into the world of anti-aging, wellness intellectuals, and scientific advancements that have captured the attention of many. Explore Brian’s project blueprint and his quest for a more youthful body. Gain insights into the daily routines, health tests, and cutting-edge techniques employed by Brian to maintain his vitality.

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May 18 in History : Papal Reign Ends, Napoleon Becomes Emperor, Mount Saint Helens Erupts…

Discover the significant events that unfolded on May 18 throughout history. From the end of a Catholic Pope’s reign to the rise of Napoleon as Emperor, this day witnessed an array of historical milestones. Learn about the Battle of Las Piedras, Abraham Lincoln’s presidential nomination, the controversial Plessy v. Ferguson decision, the daring kidnapping of Ion H. Perdicaris, the enactment of the Selective Service Act, and the explosive eruption of Mount Saint Helens. Delve into the rich tapestry of history on this remarkable day.

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Tragic Echoes: Prince Harry Narrowly Escapes Paparazzi Pursuit, Recalling Princess Diana’s Demise

The death of Princess Diana at the hands of relentless paparazzi over 25 years ago still haunts memories. In a parallel tragedy, Prince Harry narrowly escaped a similar fate when he was relentlessly pursued by photographers in New York. The incident occurred as the royal couple, accompanied by Megan’s mother Doria, were returning from the Women of Vision Award Ceremony. This incident brings to the forefront Prince Harry’s ongoing battle against media intrusion, drawing parallels with his mother’s tragic passing caused by paparazzi. Learn more about the disturbing world of paparazzi photographers and their invasive practices.

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Martha Stewart Created History in Modeling @ 81

Read about the incredible achievement of Martha Stewart, America’s 81-year-old icon, as she becomes the oldest cover model in the history of Sports Illustrated swimsuit. Discover the exclusive cover reveal on the Today show and the inspiring message behind Stewart’s presence. Explore her successful career as a chef, prolific cookbook author, and the stunning photoshoot locations in the Dominican Republic.

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