Problems started for ChatGPT, Italy banned Over Privacy Concerns

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US News, March 31, 2023. The artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT, which has come as a new age sensation, has started banning it. Italy has started it. Chat GPT has been temporarily banned in Italy on Friday. How effective or ineffective this ban will prove to be for the future of machine-artificial intelligence equipment of this future era, it is in the womb of the future.

It is worth mentioning that ChatGPT is predicted to take over fiction writing in a big way in the future. It specializes in writing any kind of creative story. That’s why it is being said to be a big threat to the creative people of the imaginative space, because it is being claimed that it will enable them to write good stories, essays.

The arrival of Chat GPT has also dazzled users with its ability to perform more complex tasks such as drafting essays, engaging in human conversation, and writing computer code. But it has warned about the spread of misinformation, the impact on employment and wider risks to society. However, the ban imposed by Italy is said to be the first ban on it, and through this the restrictions on it have started.

Italy’s data protection authority has said that California-based company OpenAI, the maker of Chat GPT, has not adopted an age-verification system to prevent minors from being exposed to illegal content by collecting personal data from users. Therefore Chat GPT is being banned in view of privacy concerns. Italy is the first government in the world to do so.

Regulators in Italy have asked OpenAI to block Internet users in the country from gaining access to Chat GPT until the company provides additional information. The OpenAI company has been given 20 days to provide materials and possible remedies to the agency before taking a final decision about the future of Chat GPT in the country. For this, the regulators have cited the March 20 data breach in which conversations and payment details of some users were exposed.

The agency has said that OpenAI could be fined up to 20 million euros, or 4 percent of its worldwide annual revenue. OpenAI has declined to comment on this. Here, till 5 pm on Friday, the news had not reached the chatbot Chat GPT in Italy that it would be blocked in the country. When asked by a user there whether it would be banned in Italy due to privacy concerns, ChatGPT replied, ‘There should be no concerns.’ Can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as there is a connection.

Notably, Chat GPT service is already unavailable in China, North Korea, Russia and Iran because OpenAI has decided not to make it accessible. Italy’s decision signals emerging policy challenges for developers of cutting-edge AI.

Also this week more than 1,000 technology leaders and researchers called for a halt to the development of the most advanced AI. So that security policies can be implemented. The Center for AI and Digital Policy, an advocacy group emphasizing the ethical use of the technology, has asked the US Federal Trade Commission to stop OpenAI from releasing new commercial versions of Chat GPT.

Thus the order in Italy is an indication of the policy challenges emerging for developers of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence programs following the release of ChatGPT.

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