Britney Spears Slams her trainer Who Told Her She Needed to Get Her ‘Younger Body Back’

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US News, April 11, 2023. Without the assistance of any personal trainers, Britney Spears is exercising on her own terms. The pop star boasted about her fitness advancements on Monday while criticizing her fitness professional who advised her to put more effort into getting her ‘younger body back’.

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Alongside a video of the pop star confidently dancing in a crop top that shows off her toned midriff, the “Toxic” singer wrote about feeling “protective of myself” following a slew of paparazzi photos she thinks portrayed her body in an unflattering light. “It didn’t look like my body [in the pictures,” she captioned the video, specifically referencing unflattering photos snapped of her as she dealt with her car breaking down in L.A.

“By no means am I saying my body is perfect but I took the time 2 months ago to find a trainer and the first thing she did to me was literally … and I’m not even lying … pinch the skin on my stomach and legs and told me I need to get my younger body back,” Spears continued. “Why the hell did she do that ??? It made me cry.”

Two months later, though, Spears is getting her revenge by calling out the toxic behavior and taking pride in the body she has today. “I obviously didn’t hire [that trainer] so I did it myself !!!” the Grammy winner boasted of her fitness progress.

“God knows my body ain’t perfect but I did want to share what my body looks like at the moment … I worked my a– off and for some people like that trainer who might see those nasty pap pics and secretly smile … Yup, y’all got it … I have 4 hours of footage from me shooting this yesterday and b—h, I’m just getting started.”

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