Firing among thousands of people during Nagar Kirtan of Sikhs in America

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US News, 27 March 2023. There is news of firing during Nagar Kirtan at a Gurdwara in Sacramento, California, USA. It is being told that two people have been injured in this incident.

According to the county sheriff’s office, two people were shot at Gurdwara Sacramento Sikh Society Gurdwara on Sunday. Police are looking for a suspect in the case. During the incident, there was a crowd of thousands of people in the gurdwara and children were also present. But no child has been harmed in this.

two people were shot during firing at gurudwara in california USAmar Gandhi, spokesperson for the Sheriff of Sacramento County, quoted eyewitnesses as saying that a fight broke out between three men on the grounds of the gurdwara around 2:30 p.m. During this time a suspect shot a person. After this, the person who was not shot, took out the gun and fired at the first shooter and fled from the spot. The age of the person who fired is said to be between 20 and 30 years. This person is said to be a resident of Eastern India. The Sheriff’s Office is still looking for him.

Police say that the three persons involved in the incident were known to each other. In such a situation, the purpose of this incident was not to harm other persons, but it is a matter of mutual fight. Also, the Sheriff’s Office has refused to consider it a ‘hate crime’. Both victims were taken to a nearby hospital, where they remain in critical condition. As of now, the situation is not clear whether this incident was related to the Nagar Kirtan of Sikhs that was taken out during this period or not. More details awaited.

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