Terrible tornado in America killed 23 people including father and his daughter, 4 missing, dozens injured

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Dr. Navin Joshi, USNews, 26 March 2023. At least 23 people have died, 4  missing, and dozens have been injured as tornadoes and severe thunderstorms struck Mississippi late Friday night.

A father and his little girl are also included in the dead. According to the state emergency management agency, the speed of the tornado was more than 100 miles (160 km) per hour. This tornado left a trail of terrible damage.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has confirmed 23 dead and dozens more injured and 4 missing due to last night’s tornadoes through multiple messages on Twitter. Several local and state search and rescue teams are working since morning to assist the affected and search and rescue the missing.

It is reported that the maximum impact of this tornado has been seen in Rolling Fork and Silvar City, a small town with a population of 1,800 people. A man had taken shelter here along with his wife and three children. The tornado ravaged the place, resulting in the death of the father and his daughter. While his wife and two other children have been taken to the hospital.

In addition, the Coroner’s Office in Carroll County confirmed three deaths in a destroyed home in Rolling Fork and two deaths in Silver City in Humphreys County. But none of the victims have been named. Search and rescue teams are on standby in Rolling Fork. People trapped in Silver City are also being searched.

It can be seen in the pictures of this tornado that entire buildings have been left in rubble and many cars have been overturned. Many people got buried under the debris in the dark of night.

Governor Tate Reeve said in a tweet, ‘Many people in MS Delta need your prayers and God’s protection tonight. We have activated medical aid. Search and rescue operations are ongoing, with more ambulances and other emergency assets being mobilized for those affected.

25 Deadliest Tornadoes in America 

1 18 Mar 1925 Tri-State (MO/IL/IN) 695
2 06 May 1840 Natchez MS 317
3 27 May 1896 St. Louis MO 255
4 05 Apr 1936 Tupelo MS 216
5 06 Apr 1936 Gainesville GA 203
6 09 Apr 1947 Woodward OK 181
7 22 May 2011 Joplin MO 158
8 24 Apr 1908 Amite LA, Purvis MS 143
9 12 Jun 1899 New Richmond WI 117
10 8 Jun 1953 Flint MI 116
11t 11 May 1953 Waco TX 114
11t 18 May 1902 Goliad TX 114
13 23 Mar 1913 Omaha NE 103
14 26 May 1917 Mattoon IL 101
15 23 Jun 1944 Shinnston WV 100
16 18 Apr 1880 Marshfield MO 99
17t 01 Jun 1903 Gainesville GA 98
17t 09 May 1927 Poplar Bluff MO 98
19 10 May 1905 Snyder OK 97
20 3 Jun 1860 Comanche IA, Albany IL 92
21 24 Apr 1908 Natchez MS 91
22 09 Jun 1953 Worcester MA 90
23 20 Apr 1920 Starkville MS to Waco AL 88
24 28 Jun 1924 Lorain/Sandusky OH 85
25 25 May 1955 Udall KS 80

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