woman has given her husband permission to have relations with other women, the reason is shocking…

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US News, March 29, 2023. What do people do in the name of modern ideas in the society. Extramarital affairs after marriage not only bring sourness in the relationship, but it is also a crime in the eyes of society and law. Apart from this, a woman named Monica Haldt from America has taken love to her husband to a different level in the name of modernity. Also Read : New Law for Sex in Indonesia.. Read in Hindi @

She believes that her first responsibility is to make her husband happy. Whatever his needs may be, even if he wants to have relationships with other women. Also Read : Big Breaking : The school rocked by rapid firing by a female attacker, 7 including 3 small children died

Monica Huldt says her primary objective as a wife is to make her husband John happy. To please her husband, she believes that allowing her husband to flirt and sleep with other women greatly benefits their relationship. Also Read : Do you know ? your body indicates prediction…

When she is busy with household chores like cooking or cleaning, her husband flirts with other women and she doesn’t mind. Rather she gets pleasure that it gives pleasure to her husband. Also Read : Know Height of your favourite Heroins

Monica as a wife takes care of everything in the house, working as a homemaker to make sure her husband has everything he needs. While she cooks, cleans and takes care of the household chores, she gives her husband free rein to spend time with other women. Also Read : Earn Infinite dollars without spending any money and without doing anything for long time

Monica claims that she has set a daily routine for her husband, which he happily accepts. Monica says that some women may not like her doing this but she likes it very much. The woman said that her husband only deals with beautiful women. Beautiful women attract John. Also Read : 3 formulas to become millionaire…

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