A teacher from UK created sensation in America

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-Became first Indian to win UFC championship and won a prize of $ 50,000

US News, March 29 March, 2023. A teacher from Uttarakhand may not have raised a stick in the classroom or even raised his hand on anyone in his personal life, but he has established his kingdom in the world of mixed martial arts fighting in America, which is considered to be the most powerful country in the world and earned 50 thousand dollars. won the prize. Also Read : New Law for Sex in Indonesia.. Read in Hindi @ उत्तराखंड के एक शिक्षक ने अमेरिका में मचा दिया धमाल, यूएफसी चैंपियनशिप जीतने वाले पहले भारतीय बनने के साथ जीता 50 हजार डॉलर का ईनाम

We are talking about Anshul Jubilee, who is the second Indian fighter, who got an entry in America’s famous MMA ie Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Championship UFC ie Ultimate Fighting Championship, but he has also won UFC. Thus Anshul has become the first Indian to win a UFC bout. Before Anshul, only Indian fighter named Bharat Kandare got entry in this prestigious competition. Although Kandare could not do this feat. Also Read : Big Breaking : The school rocked by rapid firing by a female attacker, 7 including 3 small children died

 It is also noteworthy that Anshul had participated in the UFC Lightweight tournament for the first time in the previous year itself i.e. in 2022. He defeated Patrick Sho Usami in his first match and Kyung Pyo Kim of Korea in the semi-finals. After this, he defeated Indonesia’s Jeka Saragih in the final match of the UFC fight and not only won a prize of $ 50,000, but also got a full-time UFC contract for himself. Next he is also going to appear in the new season of UFC. Their comparison can also be seen on the official broadcaster Sony Sports in India. Also Read : Do you know ? your body indicates prediction…

 The film is the story of Anshul becoming a fighter
Originally a resident of Bhatwadi in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand and currently living in Dehradun, the story of Anshul becoming a fighter is filmy like Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Brothers’. In the year 2015, Anshul started his career as a teacher in a school after completing his MSc in Mathematics from Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University. During this, seeing his physical efficiency, he was also preparing for CDS i.e. Combined Defense Services to join the Indian Army. Also Read : Know Height of your favourite Heroins

Then his friend’s brother showed him videos of MMA fighting on YouTube. Anshul liked this video, so he thought of becoming a martial arts fighter to get a certificate to join the army, and due to hard work, he finally became a fighter from teacher. Now Anshul laughs and says, it was he who gave the story to Akshay Kumar’s Brothers film. Also Read : Earn Infinite dollars without spending any money and without doing anything for long time

Anshul’s father was a soldier in SSB i.e. Border Security Force. He started training on his own by watching videos of MMA coaches Firas Zahabi and John Danaher on YouTube and later trained at Crosstrain Fight Club in Delhi. Also Read : 3 formulas to become millionaire…

Anshul said, in 2019 he got his first chance at Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff’s Matrix Fight Night. His first MMI fight took place on 29 June 2019 in Mumbai against Sanjeet Budhwar, in which he won. After this he won many matches. After this, he got a chance to fight for the first time in the UFC light weight division in the year 2022. Anshul did not let go of this opportunity and won the title and secured a full-time contract for himself. Also Read : US backstops Silicon Valley Bank sale to First Citizens

Anshul says that initially his aim was only to get the certificate to join the army. For this, he started taking MMI coaching at the age of 20. But after 2 months of training, he fell in love with it. After completing his B.Sc, at the age of 23, he adopted it as a profession. He said, age did not come in his way as he used to regularly play one sport or the other since childhood. Also Read : Firing among thousands of people during Nagar Kirtan of Sikhs in America

That’s why his body was strong and suited for sports. He is happy that he is not only fulfilling his dreams through this sport, but also representing the country. He told that now his next target is to become world champion and he is working day and night for it. Also Read : There’s a lack of understanding in US and Europe about Indian politics, society and history: Jaishankar

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